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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of several techniques available to help people with fertility problems have a baby. The procedure needs to be performed by high-quality Fertility specialists.

Dr. Fazalunissa is a well known in Hyderabad for treating Fertility patients who are suffering from childlessness. She provides the Best IVF Treatment in Banjara Hills Hyderabad and also other areas like Toli chowki, Hitec city, Mehdipatnam.

IVF Procedure:

During IVF, an egg is expelled from the lady's ovaries and prepared with sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized egg, called an embryo, is then returned to the lady's womb to develop.

It is carried out utilizing your eggs and your partner's sperm, or eggs or potentially sperm from donors.

Steps Of IVF Treatment:

Step 1: The cycle before the actual IVF treatment starts, you might be put on prescriptions to control your menstrual cycle and to depend upon the convention you might be required to take injections.

Step 2: When you get your cycles, on the second day of your period, you will experience an Ultrasound to check the ovaries and search for ovarian cysts and begin the treatment.

Step 3: Ovarian stimulation will be finished with gonadotropin injections, and frequent observing will be finished with ultrasound to investigate the follicular development and improvement. There may need to do blood tests to evaluate the estrogen levels and progesterone to discount premature euthanization. When the follicles achieve the dominant size, egg retrieval will be booked following 36 hours of HCG trigger.

Step 4: Egg recovery or ovum get is planned under general anesthesia, transvaginal USS guided oocyte recovery is liked, a needle is utilized to suction the follicle delicately and after that moved to the Embryology lab for assessment of oocytes. After the procedure, you will be monitored for a couple of hours, and after that released, light spotting and stomach issues are common after ovum get.

Step 5: Fertilization: Fertilization: On the day of egg retrieval husbands semen sample will be collected, sperms from washed and processed sample will be selected for doing ICSI of the mature oocytes. The fertilization will be checked 16-18 hours after doing ICSI, and the embryos allowed growing in the lab for a few more days.

Step 6: Embryo transfer: Embryo transfer: The fertilized eggs now termed as the embryos are then transferred into the uterus after 3 – 5 days using an embryo transfer catheter. The number of embryos transferred will depend on the quality of the embryos and also the age of the patient. Post the transfer you will be given rest for 3 hours and then discharged.

Blastocyst Culture

A blastocyst is an embryo that has developed for five days after treatment. A large portion of Embryo transfers is performed on day 2 or day 3. As of late, improvement in embryo culture condition has permitted supported embryo advancement to the blastocyst stage. It is a phase at which developing life normally touches base in the uterine cavity, and implantation happens. Primer investigations with new media and age in great responder lady have demonstrated that ~50% of the fertilized eggs achieve blastocyst stage.

Advantages of blastocyst culture:-

  • Better selection of the embryos to be transferred
  • Limit the number of embryos to be transferred
  • Eliminate the risk of multiple pregnancies
  • Better implantation rate

Candidate for blastocyst transfer:-

  • Woman with at least six number of good quality embryos on day II after oocyte pick up
  • A woman under age 35
  • Oocyte recipients who receive young oocytes from donor

Step 7: Luteal support: This will begin soon after your egg recovery is made, progesterone injections are given every day, and estrogen supplements began to set up the uterus to get the pregnancy. The post embryo transfer; likewise, this support has proceeded until the pregnancy test is finished.

Step 8: Pregnancy test and follow up: Following 15 days of embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is done, this will normally be a blood test if the test is certain the progesterone support proceeds for a couple of more weeks.

First, you take medications to make multiple follicles begin to develop on your ovaries. This step is referred to as ovarian stimulation or superovulation.

Step two involves monitoring follicular growth by ultrasound to determine egg growth and uterine lining development. When it is determined that the follicles and the uterine lining are appropriately mature, a trigger shot of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is then administered.

Thirty-six hours after the trigger shot, the Third step begins with the retrieval of The success rates of our Center are amongst the best in the country.

IVF is basically a four-step process:

A sperm specimen is then washed and arranged for insemination. The washed sperm is then set in a dish with the eggs, and they are put in an incubator for 18 hours. Following 18 hours, the embryos are observed for ordinary treatment, under a microscope, where the pronucleus of egg and sperm can be seen. The embryos are then incubated for further advancement into multi-cell embryos.

The fourth and last step includes transferring the embryos into the uterine cavity by means of a catheter inserted through the cervix. The number returned changes with the desires of the patient, under the rules of age classifications; under 35 years of age, up to three embryos; 35-40 years and more established, up to four embryos. Extra embryos might be frozen and stored for future use.

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